Selenium Tutorials



Selenium is not a single automation Tool like QTP, but it is basically a suite of software’s or set of JAR files to automate web browser across various browsers. Selenium is used by many companies, but few to mention are Netflix, Google, HubSpot, Fitbit, and more.

  Selenium – Introduction, Installation, Test Script
Chapter 1 Introduction to Selenium Automation Tool
Chapter 2 How to Download & Install Java JDK 11 in Windows
Chapter 3 How to Download and Install Eclipse IDE
Chapter 4 How to install IntelliJ on Windows
Chapter 5 How to Download & Install Selenium WebDriver 
Chapter 6  How to create first Selenium WebDriver Script using Java
Chapter 7 How to run Selenium Tests using on Internet Explorer

Selenium – Basic & Advance concepts of WebDriver

 Locators in Selenium

 Chapter 1 How to Locate Elements in Chrome, Firefox and IE Browsers for creating Selenium Scripts
Chapter 2 Locators in Selenium – Locate by ID, ClassName,  Name, TagName,  LinkText, PartialLinkText
Chapter 3 Dynamic XPath  in Selenium WebDriver
Chapter 4 CSS Selector in Selenium WebDriver

WebElements in Selenium

Chapter 1 Difference between FindElement and FindElements in WebDriver
Chapter 2 Difference between getText() and getAttribute() method in WebDriver
Chapter 3 WebDriver Browser Commands – get,  getTitle, getCurrentUrl, getPageSource, getClass, close, quit in WebDriver
Chapter 4 WebDriver Navigation Commands – Navigate, Forward, Back, Refresh in  WebDriver
Chapter 5 Selenium Form WebElement Commands – Sendkeys, Clear, Click,Submit
Chapter 6 How to automate selecting Checkbox and Radio Buttons in WebDriver
Chapter 7 How to Select value from Drop down list or perform Multiple Selection  Operations in WebDriver
Chapter 8 How to get all options in a DropDown list in WebDriver
Chapter 9 How to automate Radio Button in WebDriver
Chapter 10 How to automate BootStrap DropDown using WebDriver
Chapter 11 Implicit, Explicit and Fluent Wait in WebDriver
Chapter 12 What is Fluent Wait in Selenium WebDriver
Chapter 13 Switch Window Commands in Selenium WebDriver
Chapter 14 How to handle Alerts in Selenium WebDriver
Chapter 15 How to handle Dynamic Web Tables using Selenium WebDriver
Chapter 16 How to get all the values from a Dynamic Table in Selenium WebDriver 

Advance Selenium

Chapter 1 JavaScript and JavaScript Executor in Selenium
Chapter 2 Execute JavaScript with executeScript() Method in Selenium
Chapter 3 Execute JavaScript with executeAsyncScript() Method in Selenium
Chapter 4 Actions Class in Selenium WebDriver
Chapter 5 Drag and Drop action in Selenium WebDriver
Chapter 6 How to Capture Screenshot in Selenium Webdriver
Chapter 7 How to use FileHandler Class to take Screenshot in Selenium WebDriver
Chapter 8  How to Upload a File using Selenium Webdriver
Chapter 9 How to download and install Apache POI
Chapter 10 How to read data from Excel in Java
Chapter 11 How to write data in Excel in Java
Chapter 12 How to update existing excel in Java
Chapter 13 How to run Chrome tests in headless mode in Selenium
Chapter 14 How to run Firefox tests in headless mode in Selenium
Chapter 15 How to run Edge tests in headless mode in Selenium4
Chapter 16 How to manage driver executables using WebDriverManager
Chapter 17 How to disable infobar warning for Chrome tests in Selenium


Chapter 1 Integration of Selenium with TestNG
Chapter 2 Page Object Model with Page Factory in Selenium
Chapter 3 Page Object Model with Selenium and Cucumber
Chapter 4 Integration of Cucumber with Selenium and JUnit
Chapter 5 Integration of Cucumber with Selenium and TestNG
Chapter 6 Serenity BDD with Cucumber for Web Application
Chapter 7 Integration of Serenity with JUnit4
Chapter 8 Integration of Serenity with Cucumber6 and JUnit5
Chapter 9 Integration of Serenity with JUnit5

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