How to Download and Install Selenium WebDriver on Windows

In this tutorial, we will discuss how Selenium automation Tool can downloaded and installed on Window operating system

How to Download and configure Selenium Webdriver

  1. Java 11 is installed on machine
  2. Install Latest Version of Eclipse
  3. Install Selenium Webdriver
  4. Download Third Party Browser Drivers like Mozilla GeckoDriver

1. Java 11 Installation in Windows 10 

Verify that Java is install in your machine or not. If not, then refer this link to install Java 11 in Windows 10.

     2. Download and Install Eclipse IDE

Eclipse IDE is a software that allows you to write your programs and test scripts in multiple programming languages (with Java being the most popular one). Verify that Eclipse is installed on your machine. If not, then follow this link to get the instructions to install Eclipse

3.   Download Selenium WebDriver and Configure

  Download Selenium WebDriver

  1. Go to Selenium Official site – Scroll down to Selenium Client & WebDriver Language Bindings. We can see there are different language of download links. We are using Selenium with Java, so will click on Download link next to Java.

2. Selenium Webdriver JARs download in zip format. 

3.      Unzip the Selenium folder. It will have these files.

Install/Configure Selenium Webdriver

       1.  Open Eclipse IDE. Click on WorkBench. Once Eclipse IDE opens, go to File -> New -> Java Project

 2.  Create a Java project with name – Selenium. You can give any name and click on Finish.

3.  A Java class is create with name Selenium and it looks like this:-

Add Selenium JAR files to Eclipse IDE

1.  Right click on Selenium and click on Properties

2.  Click on Java Build Path. Select Libraries. Click on – Add External JARs. Add your all external jars such as selenium jars under class path not module path

3.  Go to the path where Selenium Webdriver JAR folder downloaded and select theses 2 JAR files and click on Open button.

 4. Similarly, go to Lib folder of Selenium file and select the entire JAR present there.

 5. Java Build Path looks like as shown in below image.

6. Click on Referenced Libraries and will see all these JARs are present here.

 4. Download Third Party Browser Drivers

  1.  Go to Selenium Official site. Scroll down and go to Third Party Drivers, Bindings, and Plugins. We need to download the browser drivers which we want to use like Google Chrome Driver, Mozilla Firefox and so on


4 thoughts on “How to Download and Install Selenium WebDriver on Windows

  1. I was trying to configure Selenium,but was getting few issues like was using older version of java, later error like return error code 13. This blog has cleared all my issues. Thanks a lot


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