How to install IntelliJ on Windows


IntelliJ IDEA is one of the smartest IDE for Java development. It’s also the base of the official Android IDE i.e. Android Studio used for Android mobile application development. This tutorial provides all the steps required to install IntelliJ Idea on Windows 10 for Java development.

Download IntelliJ on Windows

  1. Click this link to download IntelliJ IDEA on your machine. It will open the download page as shown below. The IntelliJ IDEA provides two different installers i.e. Ultimate and Community. The Ultimate edition is commercial version (which has trial version for 30 days post which you needs license). The Community edition can be used for free. This tutorial shows the steps required to install the Community edition.

2. Download IntelliJ by clicking on Download button and use any one of the option either .exe or .jar. Below image shows IntelliJ.exe on your machine.

Installation of IntelliJ IDEA

  1. To start installation, double click on the idealC-2021.exe (this version can change in future).

2. It will show the welcome screen as shown below. Click on the Next Button to continue with the installation.

3. It will provide options to choose the installation location as shown in below image. Make sure that you have sufficient space available on the selected drive since it will consume around 1.6 GB storage. Click on the Next Button after choosing the appropriate installation path.

4. It will show the Installation options as shown below to configure system path, create 64-bit desktop launcher icon, Open Folder as Project, and file association for Java, Groovy, and Kotlin files. I have selected the option to create a desktop launcher icon. You may choose the options based on your requirements. Click on the Next Button after choosing the Installation Options.

5. After choosing the Installation Options, the next screen shows options to configure the Start Menu Folder as shown below.

6. Click on the Install Button after selecting the Start Menu Folder option. It will show the installation progress as shown below.

7. It will show the final screen after successfully installing IntelliJ IDEA as shown below.

8. Click on the Finish Button to close the installer. Below image shows that IntelliJ icon is placed at Desktop as we have selected in the previous step.

That’s it! We have downloaded and installed IntelliJ. Congratulations on making it through this tutorial and hope you found it useful! Happy Learning!!

In the next tutorial, I’ll explain how to create a new project in IntelliJ.

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