GitHub Tutorials


GitHub is a web-based version control system and collaboration platform for developers. It is the centre around which all things involving git revolve. GitHub allows software developers and engineers to create remote, public-facing repositories on the cloud for free. Once you’ve set up a repository on GitHub, you can copy it to your device, add and modify files locally, then “push” your changes back to the repository where your changes display for the public.

Chapter 1 How to create a new repository on GitHub
Chapter 2 How to delete a repository on GitHub
Chapter 3 How to Fork a GitHub repository
Chapter 4 How to clone a project from GitHub using Eclipse
Chapter 5 How to copy code from another version control to GitHub – GitHub Importer
Chapter 6 What is pull request in GitHub?
Chapter 7 How to run Selenium tests with GitHub Actions
Chapter 8 How to upload Artifacts in GitHub
Chapter 9 How to run Gradle tests with GitHub Actions

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