How to copy code from another version control to GitHub – GitHub Importer


What is GitHub Importer?

GitHub Importer is a tool that quickly imports source code repositories, including commits and revision history, from Subversion, Mercurial, Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC), or another Git repository to GitHub for you.

During an import, depending on the version control system you’re importing from, you can authenticate with your remote repository, update commit author attribution, and import repositories with large files (or remove large files if you don’t want to use Git Large File Storage).

Code Transfer from GitLab to GitHub

Implementation Steps

Step 1 – n the upper-right corner of any page, click +, and then click Import repository.

Step 2 – Under “Your old repository’s clone URL”, type the URL of the project you want to import. Here, I have mentioned the url of a project in GitLab.

Step 3 – Choose your personal account or an organization to own the repository, then type a name for the repository on GitHub.

Step 4 – Specify whether the new repository should be public or private. I have selected the public option.

Step 5 – Review the information you entered, then click Begin import.

Step 6 – If your old project requires credentials, type your login information for that project, then click Submit. If SAML SSO or 2FA are enabled for your user account on the old project, enter a personal access token with repository read permissions in the “Password” field instead of your password.

We can see that this project is now imported to GitHub.

Congratulations on making it through this tutorial and hope you found it useful! Happy Learning!! Cheers!!


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