How to create Gradle Java project in IntelliJ using Command Line


In the previous tutorial, I have explained about How to create Gradle project in IntelliJ without Command Line. In this tutorial, I will explain how to create a Gradle Java project using Command Line in IntelliJ.

Implementation Steps

Step 1- Create a Project Folder and change the directory path to the folder where we want to save the latest files created post creation of the project. Here, I have created a folder – GradleIntelliJDemoFromCMD and changed the directory path.

cd C:\Users\Vibha\Projects\Vibha_Personal\GradleIntelliJDemoFromCMD

Step 2 – Open the Terminal in IntelliJ.

Step 3 – Gradle comes with a built-in task, called init , that initializes a new Gradle project in an empty folder. The init task uses the (also built-in) wrapper task to create a Gradle wrapper script, gradlew. Type the below command and press ENTER.

Step 4 – Select the type of project to generate. I’m selecting the application option as if I select basic, it won’t create a src directory. Type 2 and press ENTER.

Step 5 – Select implementation language. This is a Java project, so TYPE 3 (Java) and press ENTER.

Step 6 – Select build script DSL (Domain Specific Language) – As in Maven POM.xml (XML) is created to build a script file, here we can use Groovy or Kotlin to build the script file. Type 1 (Groovy) and press ENTER.

Step 7 – Select Test Framework – There are 4 different test frameworks. Depending on your requirement, select an option. I have selected 1 (JUnit 4) and press ENTER.

Step 8 – It needs the Project name and Source Package name. If I won’t provide the project name, it will take by default my current folder name which is Gradle_Project. Similarly, if I won’t provide the Source Package name, then it will provide the current project name as Source Package Name.

Project name – GradleIntelliJDemoFromCMD
Source Package – com.example

Press ENTER. init script will run and create a Gradle project. You can see as the build is successfull.

Step 9 – The project is created and placed under the folder GradleIntelliJDemoFromCMD as shown below.

This project structure will have below mentioned files:-

  1. Generated folder for wrapper files – wrapper
  2. Gradle wrapper start scripts – gradlew, gradlew.bat
  3. Settings file to define build name and subprojects – settings.gradle
  4. Build script of lib project – build.gradle
  5. Default Java source folder – src/main/java
  6. Default Java test source folder – src/test/java

That’s it. We are done.

Congratulations on making it through this tutorial and hope you found it useful! Happy Learning!! Cheers!!


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