How to create Gradle project in IntelliJ


In the previous tutorial, I have explained how to create a Simple Java project in IntelliJ IDEA IDE. In this tutorial, I will explain about creating a Gradle project in IntelliJ IDE.

Step 1 – Open the IntelliJ. It will look as shown below. To create a New Project, click on New Project Icon.

Step 2 – Click on File Option, hover on New Option and click on Project Option as shown below.

Step 3 – Select New Project as Gradle.
Project SDK should be current Java version available.
Additional Libraries – Java
Click on the Next Button.

Step 4 – Below screen will appear. Mention the Name, Group Id, Artifact Id and Version . Click the Finish button

Name : GradleIntelliJDemo
Group Id : com.example
Artifact Id :  GradleIntelliJDemo
Version : 1.0-SNAPSHOT

Step 5 – This dialog box will appear on the screen. This provides you the option to open the project in current window or will open a new window with this project. I’m selecting the option – New Window.

Step 6 – This screen shows the structure of Gradle project as well as build.gradle file.

Step 7 – Project Folder Creation – We can see a folder with the name of project – GradleIntelliJDemo in our Eclipse Workspace.

Step 8 – Right click build.gradle and select Run GradleIntelliJDemo. If the build is successful, below screen appears.

This is how we can create the Gradle project – MavenIntelliJDemo in IntelliJ.

Congratulations on making it through this tutorial and hope you found it useful! Happy Learning!! Cheers!!


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