How to Download & Install Apache JMeter


In the previous tutorial, I have explained about Apache JMeter.  This tutorial explains how to download and install JMeter. 

JMeter is a 100% pure Java application, it requires Java installed on your machine.

I’m going to download JMeter Version 5.3 which needs Java 8 and above.

1) Install Java

Verify Java is installed on your machine or not.

Open a Command-Line console by clicking on the start menu then type cmd,  and type command java -version

If you don’t see java version , then you need to download and install the latest version of Java SE Development Kit. Download Java Platform (JDK) from here

2) Download Apache JMeter

The latest version of JMeter is Apache JMeter 5.3 now. You can download it here. Choose the Binaries file (either zip or tgz) to download as shown in the figure below

3) Install JMeter

  We don’t need to install JMeter, just unzip the JMeter downloaded folder. Go to the path where JMeter was downloaded and unzip the folder

 You should see the following files within the apache-jmeter-XX folder:

  • backups: contains the backups of JMX files (also known as JMeter projects) you edited within JMeter,
  • bin: contains the executable files to launch JMeter, and configuration files to tweak JMeter settings,
  • docs: JMeter’s documentation in HTML format,
  • extras: some useful side tools like excel sheets to compute graphs from JTL result files,
  • lib: JMeter’s libraries which are mostly Java JAR files,
  • printable_docs: documentation in printable format.

4) Launch JMeter

Double click on ApacheJMeter.jar 

The following figure shows the various components in the JMeter GUI

5) Upgrading JMeter

When a new JMeter version is available, the new JMeter version must be installed in a fresh new folder.

Please do not unzip a new JMeter version over a previous one.

Simply repeat the steps above to install a new version.


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