How to install Maven on Windows


What is Maven?

Apache Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool. It uses the concept of a project object model (POM), Maven can manage a project’s build and reporting, and documentation from a central piece of information. MAVEN helps us in creating the project structure and managing and downloading the dependencies. We need to define the required dependencies in pom.xml.


  • Maven 3.3+ require JDK 1.7 or above to execute
  • Approximately 10MB is required for the Maven installation

Installation Steps

Step 1 –  To install Apache Maven on the window, we need to download Maven’s zip folder from the Official Maven Site. Download

Step 2 – Unzip the downloaded folder and then it will have below-mentioned files. We do not need to install anything, just unzip the folder.

Step 3 – We need to configure MAVEN_HOME environment variable. Type – “View Adva” in the search option, and we will see the option – View Advanced system setting.

Step 4 – In the System Properties dialog, select the Advanced tab and click on the Environment Variables button.

Step 5 – In the “Environment variables” dialog, under Users variables, Click on the New button and add a MAVEN_HOME variable.

Step 6 – A dialog box will appear, mentioning Variable Name – MAVEN_HOME and Variable value – mention the path where the Apache folder is placed.

Step 7 – Add %MAVEN_HOME%\bin (full path till bin where Maven is placed on your machine) to Path present under System variables. Click the New Button present in System Variable and add MAVEN_HOME\bin.

Step 8 – Once the Path is updated with %MAVEN_HOME%\bin. This is what it will look like.

Step 9 – We have to make sure that JDK is installed and the JAVA_HOME environment variable is configured. If the JAVA_HOME variable is not configured, then add JAVA_HOME just like MAVEN_HOME in User Variable within Environment Variables.

How to verify if Maven is installed properly on your machine

Open the command prompt and type mvn -version, then the screen should look something like as shown below screen

This confirms that Maven is installed successfully and configured on your machine.  


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