TestNG Tutorials


TestNG was developed by a famous programmer named “Cedric Beust”. It is distributed under Apache Software License and is easily available to download.
TestNG requires JDK 7 or higher. TestNG is a testing framework inspired by JUnit and NUnit, but introduces some new functionalities that make it more powerful and easier to use.

Chapter 1 Introduction to TestNG
Chapter 2 How to download and install TestNG in Eclipse
Chapter 3 TestNG Annotations
Chapter 4 Assertions in TestNG
Chapter 5 Hard Assert and Soft Assert
Chapter 6 How to create and run TestNG.xml of a TestNG class
Chapter 7 Run TestNG tests from Command Line
Chapter 8 Execute Testng.xml using batch file
Chapter 9 How to pass Parameters in TestNG
Chapter 10 How to prioritize Selenium Test Cases using TestNG Feature
Chapter 11 How to disable Selenium Test Cases using TestNG Feature – @Ignore
Chapter 12 How to create dependency between Selenium Test Cases using TestNG
Chapter 13 How to group Tests in Selenium
Chapter 14 InvocationCount in TestNG
Chapter 14 How to run Parallel Tests in Selenium with TestNG
Chapter 15 Cross Browser Testing using Selenium and TestNG
Chapter 16 Screenshot of Failed Test Cases in Selenium WebDriver
Chapter 17 TestNG Listeners in Selenium
Chapter 18 How to Retry failed tests in TestNG – IRetryAnalyzer
Chapter 19 DataProviders in TestNG
Chapter 20 DataProvider in TestNG using Excel
Chapter 21 Parallel testing of DataProviders in TestNG
Chapter 22 TestNG Interview Questions 2020

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